Peace with us

titoDear Comrades, dear Friends, dear Peacemakers,

Isn’t it, each of us, of the same worth as it isthe whole world ? Or, similary, isn’t our world as good as, each of us is, within himself ?

Of coarse there are additional question on the topic – obviosly that, beside certain limits in respect that the world is not that one which we would like to be, one „thing“ is without limits – this „thing“ is  –  each of us ! Within ! Evidence : Contrary to the, not that good history of mankind, where we see, through centuries, parts of populations served as „gun-meat“,it is still winning the truth: – No one can push me in a sin if only I do not like it !

Therefore, my friends, let’s skirmish for peace – The life is non repeatable event ! Isn’t it ?!

Please forward the matter on to each to you known potential peacemaker, so that, in this particular case, the Quality might be realised by quantitive support.

They were not refugees, since Yugoslav ships carried many products to colonial and ex colonial countries.

Now we are expecting the advise from Moscow Comrade who will let us know the details, by help of which we can realise our donation, to defend the peace in this, our world.

   Peaceful regards